Blog Websites And Where to Create Them

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To make it easier for you to understand which free blog platforms you should choose, here you can find a small description of the most popular platforms. At the beginning of the list there are platforms where you can create a blog for free, and there are paid ones below.

You are able to create free blog website using:

  1. Popular and easy free platform. As soon as you register in, you can immediately write posts. It’s suitable for all bloggers who are not going to monetize blogging websites, but only want to try themselves in this activity. The platform is free. However, you can use additional functions paying some money.
  2. Tumblr. It could remind you of Twitter, because posts are very short here (but there are a lot of pictures). Bloggers-amateurs are able to collect their favorite quotes, pictures and any other media content. It’s suitable for easy blog sites.
  3. Blogger. To become a blogger as quickly as possible, it would be enough to have an account on Google. Then you just go to the Blogger platform and start writing. It is good for those bloggers who are not technically ready to service their free blog websites on their own.

Paid Platforms for Blog

  1. Weebly is a site and blogging platform that you can use for free. But what you pay is what you get, so the free version is very limited and after a while you have to use the paid one.
  2. Wix. Although it’s more suitable not for blogging, but for creating a portfolio, news or personal site, because many design themes are not designed for best blogging websites. Photographers, illustrators, and other creative bloggers like this platform. Visual component is more important than the text one,  also it can be used for personal and family blog.

Blogging Sites

Blog site is one of the best ways to succeed on the net for users. Day by day blogging is getting bigger, so competition is increasing and only the most active bloggers “survive”.

In order not to become one of those people who leave blogging due to low profits and lack of development, you have to learn how to make popular blog sites and do it diligently.

What does the success of the blog depend on? The success depends on the actions of its owner. If you want your project to become popular, have a high attendance, and also get placed on the first positions of search engines. It works!

If you decide to create a site for free hosting, then carefully read the terms of its use. Otherwise, you could be greatly surprised by some of the features, and as a result, the site is banned. At the same time, blocked site is unlikely to be unblocked, you just lose it.

If you place your blog site on a free blog hosting, you are supposed to use their free domains. But it is important to understand that this domain is not entirely owned by you, there is a risk that it will be lost at any moment. If in the future you decide to transfer to another hosting, then the domain will have to be changed. A free domain, which is usually a third-level domain, is worse perceived by the search engines, and this fact creates additional difficulties in promoting a site.

It is clear that possibility to make free blog sites Canada may cost something. Providing completely free hosting, the company earns something else. It may be a compulsory advertisement or the provision of additional paid services, for example, disabling the display of their own advertising banner. Thus, free hosting is turning into a paid one.

As you can see, the free domain and hosting have many disadvantages, limiting the opportunities for promoting the site and its monetization. Such a free service can be costly in the future.

You can choose your best website blogging because there are a lot of variants. Consider your needs and goals and you will definitely make the right choice.

What You Should Know to Make Best Free Blog Sites

According to a well-known blog creator, Steve Paulin, only about 1% of people can turn their blog into a good, and sometimes even the only source of income. After all, for conducting your own blog, all that you need is the ability to write and read (it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about free blog site or paid). But if you talk about a blog bringing you money, then the knowledge of a typical student is simply not enough. First and foremost, to earn money on a blog you need to master the payment systems that support the monetization of this blog, for example, AdSense. Also, have at least basic knowledge of several Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, RSS, search engine optimization, social networks, contextual advertising, affiliate programs, etc. You have to do your work in good faith and with great enthusiasm to make popular personal blog sites fascinating. Every time try to surprise your reader with something new and tempting for them. Do you think it’s complicated? Not at all, write what you like! Inserting the soul into your texts, you will find like-minded people who are ready to absorb your ideas. Earnings on a blog requires creativity. You should be interested in writing on the chosen topic, otherwise your blog will be boring not only for the reader but also for yourself because of the reader’s absence. When choosing a theme for free blogging sites, do not limit yourself to one topic.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars if you are trying to make blog sites free at the moment. Try yourself in this role to make sure you should start doing it. At first, become a good, interesting, full-of-ideas free blog maker and then only time will tell whether you are capable of doing it.

Free Blogs

Blogging has earned a good reputation on the Internet – it has been confirmed that it is a good way to earn money. There are four things you need to know before you start your best blog site and become a free blog creator:

  1. Blogs about specific niche topics are more effective. If your blog website is about some specific topics, then the blog will give you the result of your investment. Typical traffic will be increased because people really look for the keywords you are writing about.
  2. Blogs require a lot of time to support
  3. Blogging is not so easy. It is a full-time hard job to make your best blog website – like any other marketing tactic that you use to promote your business, such as advertising campaigns, search engine optimization and marketing in social networks.
  4. A blog should have a goal. Each blog should have it – to attract search traffic, potential clients and partners, etc. There should be a goal from the first post.

There is a variety of blog hosting sites where you can start your special online blog.